زبان انگلیسی متوسطه اول و دوم - درس 8 - انگلیسی پیش دانشگاهی

زبان انگلیسی متوسطه اول و دوم

لطفاً به آرشیو موضوعی مراجعه کنید


  درس هشتم

مهارت هاي خواندن

يكي از مهارت هاي خواندن بخصوص در خواندن زندگينامه ها، استخراج اطلاعات و تنظيم آنها به صورت جدول زماني است.


  دستور زبان

گرامر اين درس درباره كاربرد افعال مدال همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل است . به نكات زير توجه كنيد:
1- فعل مدال چيست؟ افعالي مانند :
 May= ممكن بودن
 Can = توانستن
Should = بايستن
كه با فعل ديگري كه مدال نباشد مي آيند تا معني امكان، اجازه، بايستن و ... را بدهند.

2 – ما از افعالي مانند may, might, should, could, must همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل استفاده مي كنيم تا تفسيري از وقايع گذشته ارائه دهيم. به اين مثال ها توجه كنيد:

She was not at the party. She may have been sick.

او در مهماني نبود. ممكن است مريض بوده باشد. (نويسنده مطمئن نيست)

He got the best mark in the exam. He must have studied very well.

او بهترين نمره را در امتحان گرفت. او بايد خيلي خوب درس خوانده باشد.

They had enough time. They could have gone to cinema.

آن ها وقت كافي داشتند. آن ها مي توانستند به سينما بروند .(اما اين كار را نكردند)

3 – افعال may , might همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل براي بيان احتمال و امكان انجام كار در گذشته به كار مي روند.
4 – فعل must همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل براي بيان نتيجه گيري از عملي در گذشته به كار مي رود.
5 – فعل could همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل براي بيان توانايي انجام كاري در گذشته بكار مي رود. از اين تركيب استفاده مي كنيم تا بگوييم كه فرصت انجام كاري را در گذشته داشتيم، اما آن كار را انجام نداديم.

6 – فعل should همراه have و قسمت سوم فعل براي بيان اينكه كاري مي بايستي در گذشته انجام مي شده ولي انجام نشده به كار مي رود.


امتحان پايان ترم 2 - انگليسي پيش دانشگاهي


تست انگلیسی پیش دانشگاهی (تمام دروس)



پاسخ صحيح را از ميان گزينه ها انتخاب كنيد.


1. I hurt my back. I …….lifted that heavy box.

1) could have
2)might have
3) couldn’t have
4) shouldn’t have  


2. She didn’t catch her train. She ……have left home late.

1) may
2) could
3) can
4) must  


3. I can’t find my pen. I ……left it on the table.

1) should have
2) could have
3) may had
4) might have  


4. No one has answered the doorbell. They ……gone out.

1) must have
2) could have
3) should have
4) may have  


5. Why did she order so much food? She …….a lot of guests.

1) should have had
2) might have had
3)may had have
4) should had had  


6. A woman of a Christian community is called……

1) union
2) missionary
3) nun
4) voluntary  


7. Edison worked on many projects, ..…..sound recording devices.

1) includes
2) included
3) including
4) include  


8. ……helpers come soon after the earthquake to help injured people.

1) suffering
2) voluntary
3) inactive
4) uneducated  


9. In 1876 Edison built his ……laboratory for his researches.

1) private
2) pure
3) public
4) dirty  


10. Her trip to India made such a deep …… on her that she changed her life style.

1) permission
2) impression
3) preparation
4) function  



























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Different shapes and forms are everywhere. Boxes and street signs are square or rectangular. Balls and wheels are round. The sun and moon are round. Wedding rings are round. Eggs and light bulbs are almost round. Pyramids and arrow tips are triangular. Tables and books are square or rectangular. Doors and refrigerators are rectangular. A stop sign has eight sides. A triangle has three sides. Pencils and pens are long and round. Your toes are short and round. Many things have various shapes. Humans and animals have various shapes. Faces have various shapes. Clouds have various shapes. Houses and buildings have various shapes. Airplanes have various shapes. Other things have weird shapes. Bicycles and tricycles have weird shapes. Countries have weird shapes. Tools and machines have weird shapes. Shapes can be beautiful, too. Boys think that a skateboard or a soccer ball has a beautiful shape. Men think that women have the most beautiful shape of all.



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